Peak Performance and Personal Well-being

Inzicht. Ontwikkeling. Groei.

Marinda van Harskamp MBA QC ACC

Born in The Netherlands on May 17, 1974 and raised in a nice working-class family. Because of my parents' divorce and the tough consequences of it, I already experienced at the age of 15 what it is like to loose the basis underneath your life and existence. With this personal experiences gained at home, life lessons in my pocket and the lack of financial resources, I fully focused on my career. After completing the mavo and meao education, I started working at the age of 19. From there I further developed myself in Finance and business.

When I was 31, I got the opportunity to really take a big leap in the development of my career. With the roles as program manager I became globally responsible for the standardization, automation and centralization of the financial processes at the IKEA group of companies. I managed to have very successful start at IKEA, until later that year my world collapsed for the 2nd time in my life. My mother became ill and was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. Unfortunately my mother passed away at the age of 57, when I was 32.

After a period of time, I fully ran into the wall and had to re-find myself. I managed to get my life back on track again, by accepting my daily reality. Taking this step, gave me the opportunity to experience my potential, strength and energy of my unconscious, After several years of personal development, I got my life back on track. I know myself now, know what I am good at and also what I am not good at. The best part I learned during this phase, is that life is a lifelong discovery journey. In addition to that, I am convinced that everything is interconnected, the system is leading and allowing the unconscious to work together with the conscious generates enormous potential, strength and energy.

Things just happen in life and the intention behind these events is to get to know yourself, to grow and develop. Enjoy life, be successful and above all be happy. In all possible ways. Yin yang, day and night, ups and downs, unconscious and conscious.

You cannot stop the waves, but you can learn to surf

I strongly believe in the power of people. Humans have everything to deal with events in life. It is not about being the strongest, it is about accepting your personal circumstances. Taking reality as it occurs and create insight and open new pespectives to create movement for continuous development and growth. Insight. Development. Growth.


Current roles

  • Louwman Group - Finance Transformation Manager
  • NIVE Opleidingen - Lecturer Controlling, Finance Transformation and Change Management
  • TSvH - Independent entrepreneur, Professional Coach, Finance Transformation Mentor, Lecturer and Public Speaker (TSvH is Marinda's own company)

Past roles

  • Publication 2nd book- Digital Finance, Leading the digitalization of Finance
  • Board Member International Coach Federation (ICF) Netherlands
  • Publication 1st book - Accounting Architecture Model
  • International headquarters IKEA group - Finance Transformation Manager, Coach and Trainer Leadership development
  • Mitsubishi Motors Europe - Accounting Manager
  • NOKIA - Finance Manager
  • Accountancy - Accountant Assistant


  • Transformational Presence Leadership and Coach Training (TPLC) - Autumn 2021
  • System dynamics in organizations and systemic constellations (organization)
  • Non-executive Commissioners and Supervisors program
  • Fundamentals of system dynamics and systemic constellations (family)
  • Executive MBA (MBA)
  • ICF Certified Coaching (ACC)
  • MBTI® Level I, Level II, Advanced Coaching, Type & Teams, Type Dynamics in Action
  • NLP Business Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Coach & Team Coach
  • HOFAM (QC)
  • SPD Staatspraktijkdiploma Boekhouden (Accounting)
  • Mavo, Meao, Moderne Bedrijfsadministratie (mba) and Praktijkdiploma Loonadministratie (payroll)
    Middle-level applied education